Let's Move! & Funny or Die History of Fitness
Directed by: Bryan Madole

Funny or Die Civil War Re-Enactors 
Directed by: Alan McLeod

Sierra Club & Funny or Die Ty and Nolan Save the Grand Canyon
Directed by: Courtney Davis

Funny or Die Beetle Juice 2 w/ Natasha Lyonne
Directed by: Ryan Perez

Green Peace & Funny or Die Jack and Alex in the Arctic
Directed by: Charles Ingram

Will Ferrell & Old Milwaukee
Directed by: Will Ferrell

Funny or Die Clint Howard Reboots Pippi Longstocking
Directed by: Clark Duke

Funny or Die Kevin Bacon Intro to Acting
Directed by: Alan McLeod

Hilarity For Charity Seth Rogen Worst Person in the World
Directed by: Van Robichaux